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Date: 2017-10-02

ANC Resorting to Violence to 'Solve' Issues.


Violence erupts at the ANC Eastern Cape conference, Cyril Ramaphose was one of 9 people injured after chairs were strewn across the room in somewhat of a barbaric attempt to 'solve' issues. "Sunday mornings plenary was something the AC must be deeply ashamed of," says Ramaphosa. 

Ramaphosa also went on to state that "As the ANC, we have got to condemn violence as a method of addressing our differences and disputes amongst us" Violence erupted at the conference in the early hours of  Sunday morning, during the adoption of delegates' credentials.

Seven delegates were taken to the hospital and one was wheeled out of the conference venue on a stretcher, footage obtained by News 24, shows the delegates throwing chairs at each other, while others who attempted to storm the venue on Saturday night had to be dispersed with stun grenades.

The party’s national executive committee (NEC) was working towards resolving problems faced by the KwaZulu-Natal provincial leadership, he said.

Several ANC KZN members took their provincial executive committee (PEC) to court to challenge the validity of the 2015 elective conference. The Pietermaritzburg High Court found the conference and the election of the PEC unlawful. Ramaphosa told Mabuyane that he now needed to work with the newly elected PEC to unite the organization in the province.

"We must avoid a situation where we emerge divided following a conference." - Cyril Ramaphosa

Video: Anc Resorting To Violence To

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