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Date: 2017-10-06
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Construction of President Donald Trump's prototypes for the US-Mexico wall have begun and are being built near San Diego, California. 

According to the President, he will be picking the winning design in one month. 

Watch the video to see the Border Patrol Hold Press Conference on the beginning of the construction. 

Updates to follow. 


The US government recently announced the beginning of the construction of eight prototype barriers for the border wall between the US and Mexico, one of US president Donald Trump's campaign promises.

US Customs and Border Protection said that four prototypes will be made from concrete while the rest are "alternate or other materials".

They are being constructed near San Diago after Mr Trump's promise of building a "big beautiful wall" between the countries.

Workers broke ground as federal and local law enforcement surrounded the area with chain-link fencing. The prototypes will be up to 30ft (9m) high and 30ft long and are expected to be completed within 30 days.

Cameras and sensors will be incorporated into the final wall plan while officials will spend the next three months evaluating the designs for their effectiveness, including gauging their resistance to penetration with small hand tools.

Each wall will cost up to $450,000 (£334,000) and will be paid for by federal funds which have already been sanctioned although, during his campaign, Mr Trump insisted that Mexico would pay for the structure. He has requested an initial $1.5bn (£1.11bn) from Congress to start construction of the final wall but no agreement has yet been reached.

"We are committed to securing our border and that includes constructing border walls," said Ronald Vitiello, acting deputy commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection agency.

"Our multi-pronged strategy to ensure the safety and security of the American people include barriers, infrastructure, technology and people."

There are four companies that have been chosen to build the prototypes but, in all likelihood, the final wall will be based on an amalgamation all eight.

The border agency says the prototypes "will inform future design standards which will likely continue to evolve to meet the US Border Patrol's requirements".

That being said, California's attorney general is attempting to block the construction of a border wall. Last week, a lawsuit was filed in a federal district court in San Diego last week, that argues the government has overstepped its authority by waiving environmental reviews and other laws.

Watch this space.

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