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Date: 2017-12-05

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Matias Messi, Lionel Messi's brother, is currently under questioning from the police after authorities found a gun hidden in his blood splattered boat after he claimed to have had an accident.

Matias reported the accident to a security guard claiming that he collided with a sandbank, and cut his face in the accident.

Upon investigating the accident, police found a handgun stashed away and Messi could not be located by the police for questioning. The boat was left in Fighiera, Argentina, at a fishing club and, after two failed attempts at locating Matias, the prosecutor filed a warrant for his arrest. Messi's family responded to the prosecutor saying that Matias was not located by the police because he had been in the hospital for an operation due to the impact of the accident breaking his jaw.

Matias is not a stranger to the legal system as only last year he was caught with a gun in his car, he was sentenced to a prohibition of teaching children football as well as a fine of €470. In 2015 Matias was also involved in a scuffle with the police in Rosario when he refused to identify himself to the police, which resulting in him being held at the police station for several hours before being released. He was caught with a loaded gun again in October 2008 and was arrested.

The media is filled with the suspicious scene of Messi's boat covered in blood and cops have confiscated the gun for further investigation in which they will assertation whether the gun had been shot.

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