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Date: 2018-01-08

Video: Patricia De Lille Under The Microscope For Corruption Charges 2

Video: Patricia De Lille Under The Microscope For Corruption Charges 3

Patricia De Lille found herself in a sticky situation over the festive season after accusations of maladministration were laid against her.

She was suspended from all political activities since the accusations were made from a report submitted by John Steenhuisen, a member of the subcommittee. The process of investigation into the matter was postponed over the festive season until January to allow De Lille's legal to prepare to respond.

The federal council is due to hold a vote of no confidence regarding De Lille's suspension and resignation from the party. De Lille responded by threatening to fight the part in court because she feels that the reasons provided for the vote of no confidence did not warrant a suspension. However, it is still scheduled to take place on Sunday as well as De Lille's appeal regarding why she should not resign.

The chairman of the DA federal council, James Selfe, claimed that the purpose of the federal executive meeting is "not (to decide) whether the mayor has done any right or wrong, that’s not the issue. The issue that the federal executive has to decide is whether the DA has confidence in her and her ability to run the city and to manage the caucus. That’s a different judgement”. Despite this, De Lille will still be investigated on allegedly covering up on behalf of senior officials in the administration. The investigations are also taking place based on previous accusations by members of the ANC who claimed that De Lille was hiding corrupt activity within her party.

This accusation was based on the investigation on Melissa Whitehead, transport commissioner, that uncovered tender irregularities regarding the MyCiti bus system which De Lille was also accused of slowing the investigation process into the matter. Following the investigation by Bowman Gilfillan, De Lille claimed that the findings in the report were inaccurate based on false facts. De Lille is now claiming the report resulted in an unfair, inaccurate judgment that resulted in her defamation and embarrassment. She aims to take legal action based on the refusal of the firm to change supposed inaccurate findings in the report.

Although the back and forth accusations with the DA prevent the smooth running of the party, the crackdown on corruption is a good sign that hopefully, the ANC can use as an example.

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