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Date: 2017-12-12
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These teens are metaphorically reaching for the stars, and they could actually end up exploring space. 

Bjarke Gotfredsen – the founder of an electronics and technology development company called XinaBox – is helping make that happen for students in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gotfredsen built dozens of handheld microsensors with the goal of allowing high schoolers to send their own satellites into orbit. He even purchased Africa's first privately owned satellite to give the students a platform for operating their own ground control classroom. 

Discovering space and seeing the Earth’s atmosphere, it’s not something many black Africans have been able to do, or do not get the opportunity to look at. In half a century of space travel, no black African has journeyed to outer space.

Have a look at the video to learn more about the space project. 



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