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Date: 2017-11-15

Video: Tension In Zimbabwe Rises With Talk Of A Coup 2

Video: Tension In Zimbabwe Rises With Talk Of A Coup 3

The words "coup" and "treason" are on the tips of everyone's tongue as armoured military vehicles drove through the streets of Harare in Zimbabwe.

The root of the tension can be traced back to Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe since 1980, who has raised tensions between himself and the army for a long time, which has intensified recently. 

Mugabe's political party, Zanu–PF, have accused army chief general Constantino Chiwenga of treasonable conduct because he challenged Mugabe about the firing of the vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. The party accused Chiwenga of challenging the government's action with the aim of disturbing national peace. Despite the tensions between the army and the government, there have been countless clashes between Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe – who are both vying for the next presidential position. 

The US embassy warned its citizens to use caution due to increasing political instability following the convoy of military vehicles dispatched by Chiwenga. 

While Mugabe and his political party play the victim, his decades-long rule has been infamous for mass emigration, fixing election results, economic instability, and collapse since the land reforms of 2000. The army felt the need to confront such wrongdoing and have been warned beforehand to steer clear of interfering with the Zanu–PF plans. 

The army spokesperson addressed the nation stating that they were only seeking justice for criminals that were causing the social and economic struggle in the country. He claimed that the situation would return to normal once the problems had been dealt with and requested cooperation from citizens.

Three explosions were heard around Harare and military vehicles patrolled the street. 

The power and peace of Zimbabwe are now in the hands of the army. The question now remains as to whether they will be able to defeat injustice.

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