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Date: 2017-11-13

Video: Van Breda

The Van Breda murder case was brought to a halt when Henri van Breda was rushed to hospital after sufferring a seizure on the 8th of November.


James Butler, the doctor who diagnosed Van Breda with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, stated that the condition appears during childhood. The condition is characterized by jerking when waking up from sleep, it appears as irregular, shock–like movements of the arms. It can also create jerk–like movements in the fingers, reducing the person's ability to grip objects. 

Van Breda's doctor will be called to court to provide a statement about his condition, as seizures could explain the lack of accurate memories regarding the tragic events of the night in question that Van Breda has displayed in court. This could provide evidence to the court that Henri Van Breda did lose consciousness just before he called emergency services on the night his family was murdered. Judge Desai is still weighing up the option of calling on Dr. Butler as it could create ethical issues.

Due to his hospitalization being purely for tests, Van Breda will still be able to appear in court as scheduled as he was released on Sunday. The whole situation is being dissected by the court, including is phone call to emergency services in the video below.

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