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Date: 2017-10-03

Bali Volcano Watch

Between Mount Agung and Sinabung, the latter was seen to erupt first on Sunday, spewing lava and blasting plumes of ash 2.

5km into the air, growing fears that Mount Agung could soon be next.

Locals living near Sinabung have been warned to stay at least 7km away from the volcano after 10 people were killed by an eruption earlier this year. Currently more than 140,000 people have been evacuating their homes in Bali and surrounding towns for just over a week now, with fears of the possible eruption from Mount Agung.

More than 220 earthquakes were recorded overnight around Mount Agung, however, volcanologists still cannot accurately predict whether or not the volcano will blow. The latest statement from MAGMA Indonesia said: “Based on the analysis of current monitoring data, at this moment, the probability of an eruption is higher than the probability of no eruption. However, the probability may change at any time depending on current monitoring data".

Cracks have been detected along the crater of Mount Agung over the past week and white sulfurous fumes have been seen rising up to 200m above the summit. Despite the looming threat of an eruption from Mount Agung, the Balinese government insists the island is safe for travel.

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