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Have you ever wonder what happens to beetles after being eaten by frogs? Well, your question has been answered after Kobe University ecologist Shinji Sugiura and his team conducted one of the weirdest experiments. 

The Japanese scientist revealed that some beetles can wiggle out of the frog's butt after being eaten whole. 

Most of the beetles swallowed by the frogs managed to survive with no complications after their unique escape. The scientists have used Regimbartia attenuata beetles in their experiment.

The Regimbartia attenuata beetle can be found in the tropics, especially as pests in fish hatcheries. It's not the only kind of creature that can survive being swallowed.

Sugiura and his team found that most beetles swallowed by black-spotted pond frogs escape about six hours after and were perfectly fine.

Sugiura revealed in a statement: "Here, I report active escape of the aquatic beetle R. attenuata from the vents of five frog species via the digestive tract." Adding, "although adult beetles were easily eaten by frogs, 90 percent of swallowed beetles were excreted within six hours after being eaten and, surprisingly, were still alive."

During the experiment, one of the beetles got out in as little as seven minutes.

Scientists are calling the beetle's ability the first documented "active prey escape." It is explained that insects that travel through the digestive tract have particular adaptations that make it possible for them to withstand extreme pH and lack of oxygen.

"Individuals were always excreted head first from the frog vent, suggesting that R. attenuata stimulates the hind gut, urging the frog to defecate."

Further in the experiment, Sugiura placed wax on the legs of some of the beetles, which prevented them from moving. It took between 38 and 150 hours for the beetles to be digested, and as a result, they did not make it out alive. 

The scientists recorded the proceedings and can be watched in the video below.

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