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If you haven't been in a scary scenario involving a car, you have probably witnessed someone else who has. 

During a scary situation, it is easy to lose control due to stress. Sometimes, you stress about not really knowing what to do in the circumstance, and you can't help but panic. 

Our roads are poorly maintained around the country besides the danger of foreign objects on the streets, so we witness more drivers experiencing flat tyres. 

What if the scenario was that your tyre burst while driving more than 100km/h? Do you know what to do to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your co-drivers?

Well, here are tips on how to stop a car when one of the tyres explodes when your speed exceeds 100 km/h.

Tip number one: When a tyre explodes, try to stay as calm as possible and hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands.

Tip number two:
 The most important reaction is to keep your foot off the brake pedal, don't push it at all. Don't you dare even think about touching the brakes!

Tip number three: Stay on your path, and try not to change it or get out of anyone's way. Try to keep the vehicle as straight as possible.

Tip number four:
 If your car has a manual transmission, gradually change to a lower gear, BUT ONLY do so if you feel that the vehicle is entirely under control. 

If your car has an automatic transmission, stay in the Drive (D) gear. DO NOT change. 

Tip number five: Don't use brakes! The drag from the exploded tire will slow you down. 

Tip number six: When your speed drops to 50 km/h, you can gently press the brakes until the car stops.

Congratulations, you have made it out safely! Remember to wear your safety belt and keep both hands on the steering wheel. 

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