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An unruly heckler, who was kicked out of Rafael Nadal's second-round match after abusing the Spaniard, has doubled down on her rant, calling the tennis star "boring". 

During the second set against American, Michael Mmoh, at the American open, Nadal was up 5-4 before getting insulted by a fan. A woman first hurled insults at Nadal and then gave him the one-finger salute. 

Stunned, Nadal ridiculed the woman and pointed at himself asking "me?" While laughing.  

The bizarre insult started when the woman first yelled at him, "hurry up you OCD f**k". 

The Sydney woman said, in her defence, that she was no fan of Nadal, and had been cheering on his opponent throughout the game. “I just called out, ‘Get over your OCD rituals’ and that's when I flicked him the bird. The fact pictures of me have gone viral around the world reflects how incredibly boring his matches are. Why would you want to focus on a spectator?” 

The woman, who is still unidentified, added that she was indeed a "tennis aficionado" and comes to Melbourne every year to watch the Australian Open. She said that the reason she was watching the match between Nadal was because she had bought tickets for the previous women's game between Coco Gauff and Elina Svitolina. 

After the incident the woman complained that the stadium staff "were very rude" and that "they said 'right you have to go'".

After being told to leave, she replied, "why? I'm allowed to be here. I'm a spectator and I've paid for my ticket”.

Not only were Nadal and his the fans not too pleased with her behaviour, but she admitted her daughter was less than impressed, saying, "My daughter wasn't too happy because I'm so embarrassing".

Footage shows the fan being led from the stands by Australian Open staff while Nadal watched on bemused. The chair umpire interjected during her wild rant, and said; "Thank you madam, you are delaying everyone." 

Australian tennis great and commentator, John Fitzgerald, told Channel Nine viewers during the game that; "A little bit of a disturbance there in the crowd," and added; "I couldn't hear the specific language, there was a little bit of ill will between two ladies. Well there is one lady that is getting rather animated, she might be asked to leave, actually. I think she's having a crack at Rafa, I'm not sure why, she's the first person I've seen do that. She's a bit inebriated I think, this is chaos. This is so unnecessary, it's just one individual that has made a complete goose out of themselves."

"Now there was someone in the crowd, you didn't know her, did you?" Nadal was asked during the match. He gave a blunt responds and added; "No, and honestly, I don't want to know."


After the match, Nadal elaborated on the incident and added while smiling; "Maybe she took too much gin or tequila. I don't know. But honestly it was strange situation, but funny at the same time. Somebody doing the finger to me – I don't know the reason. I was surprised, yes, but at the same time was thinking, 'poor girl'. Because probably she was drunk or something like this. I don't know."

Watch how the incident unfolded in the video below.

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