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There’s a way to enter your own wedding and then there’s a way to enter your own wedding.

Chris Parkes is a former British army soldier who lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan. When he got married to Pippa-Rosy, he wanted to make the wedding not only memorable, but also face a personal challenge.

Parkes trained for a total of six months for the big jump alongside his nine groomsmen.

With 200 wedding guests witnessing the big moment, Parkes and his groomsmen jumped in front of the 200 wedding guests.

Luckily, Pippa-Rosy is also an avid skydiver and didn’t mind her now husband stealing the scene with an act of bravery.

“Chris is allowed to have a little fancy thing in the day. I get the big, fancy dress. He gets the fancy skydive,” Pippa-Rosy told BBC News.

Image credit: The Mirror

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