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A 400-foot ice structure that is believed to be the structure of an ice ship was picked up on Google Earth by a user. The ship is believed to be buried in an iceberg about 100 miles from the coast of Antarctica.
YouTube user MrMBB333 who also describes himself as an Earth Watchman, first shared the images of the so-called ‘ice ship’ in a video which has now been viewed by over 46 000 people.
The Earth Watchman also stated that he has been monitoring everything from the seafloor to the cosmos.
In the video posted by the Youtuber, he showed a certain part of Antarctica where he believed to have discovered the ship buried in the snow. The video first showed a large piece of ice which is rising above the other white landscape, and then showed with a 3D view the shape of the ship.
“This measures 400ft long, whatever that looks like it looks like a ship. An ice ship if you want to call it – a 400ft yacht just sitting there off the coast of Antarctica,” the Youtuber commented in his video.
He stated on his website that he has become very familiar with our planet as well as the mechanics over the past 10 years.

Since the discovery was made several conspiracy theories has risen from all over claiming that there is something hidden in the frozen continent and that it might have even been a secret Nazi base that has been left over since World War 2.
“Remember I'd already told you about Hitler had an underground base within Antarctica dealing with a certain group of extraterrestrial beings the blond-haired blue-eyed here are a few other's that look alike they are or were here they gave him their DNA samples to make hybrid humans a New race,” commented user Galaxy Malachi.
He further continued to explain that the image first ‘looks like a random iceberg’ but that one part looks like it has been built with purpose. “Looks like an entryway, and the symmetrical features look like it has been created,” he says.
“I was told a couple of years ago that there are ships built underground somewhere on the upper east coast (like the ones in the movie 2012) to save the rich and powerful when canary islands get hit with a massive earthquake that will take out the east coast,” Youtube user Shannon Marciante commented.
Viewers claimed that more investigative work needs to be done in Antarctica for the continent could unearth discoveries about ancient civilizations.
“Much more attention needs to be given to this continent. Wasn't always frozen,” Youtube user Stable Stoic commented on the video.

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