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It’s not every day that someone is able to beat Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s IQ score, but a 12-year-old from England has managed to do just that.

Rory Bidwell didn’t prepare for the Cattell III-B test, yet he managed to get the maximum score of 162. When his dad James saw the number he thought “That’s a big number, but what does that actually mean?”.

James did some research on good old Google and found that it’s in the same 160s category as Einstein and Hawking. His parents realised he was intelligent, but never fully grasped just how intelligent their son is.

“We’ve always known he’s an incredibly bright lad. This just puts it in context.”

Soon after completing the world-famous IQ test in only two hours, Mensa invited him to join. Sky News reports that Mense is a society for people who have IQs in the top 2% of the public, as judged by standardised tests.

His dad says Rory is “a very normal 12-year-old” despite having such a high IQ. “He’s certainly not sat there doing quantum physics at tea time”.

In fact, his more normal than the average person would think he is.

“He’s on his PlayStation playing Fortnite and being shouted at to get off it, he’s down the park kicking a ball about with his mates. He just has this incredible gift as well.”

Image credit: Sky News

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