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On late Sunday afternoon, a flight from Orlando, Florida in the United States was cancelled. The flight was meant to leave for Knoxville, Tennessee when it was announced that the flight won’t be departing.

Stranded passengers searched for alternative flights and stood in line at the airline’s counter with the hope of finding a seat on another flight.

With several passengers trying to get to Knoxville as soon as possible, one of them made a suggestion and 12 other strangers agreed to it.

That’s how 13 strangers ended up renting a van and driving from Orlando to Knoxville.

CNN reports that it was quite a mixture of people and their reasons for going to Knoxville. Michelle Miller, an influencer known as @thefarmbabe, was set to present at a conference in Knoxville on Tuesday. Carlos Cordero and Laura Puckering were taking their 17-year-old daughter Mikayla Puckering to tour the University of Tennessee. One passenger was heading to a custody battle. Someone else was helping a friend move to Mexico. Others just wanted to get home.

Whatever their reasons, the 13 strangers got into a van and road-tripped all the way. It took them several hours but in between, they managed to become friends, help each other out, take turns to drive and arrived safely in one piece while documenting the entire thing on TikTok.

By the time they arrived in Knoxville, they had more than 1 million views on TikTok.

Image credit: Travel Off Path

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