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When you think of the biggest social media sensation in the world of food, Gordon Ramsay is likely the first person that comes to mind. As we all have witnessed, he is known for his quick wit, harsh criticism and hilarious food commentary. His 12 million-strong Instagram fans eagerly await every single time he criticises a recipe or a dish.

This time, Ramsay brought something new to the screen to criticise... he decided to try a Starbucks sandwich. The celebrity chef shared the video on IGTV, where it quickly received over 2.6 million views.

While driving to Wales, the famous chef made a stop at a fast-food restaurant. With some light-hearted banter, he questions the drive-through staff about the origins of the ingredients used before settling on his meal choice. However, he was left disappointed when he drove up to retrieve his order. 

"I'll take the normal hickory ham cheese toasty, please. Thank you. that's it, thank you ... It's only toasted on one side, and I asked for no mustard."

A week later, he repeated his routine when he stopped at a place in Cornwall. He left there disappointed once again. 

"2 pound 90 for that? How much is that? It's three pounds for that? For one ration of bacon? Jesus Christ, big boy, you can buy half a pound of bacon down the local butchers for one pound fifty. Is the grill on?"

He then offered a profanity-laced critique when he found out how they cooked the bacon. "So they're not grilling the bacon? You don't microwave bacon!" He then suggested the servers ask their boss for a grill for Christmas before signing off. "Take care, don't forget the grill, please. Jesus Christ, you cannot microwave bacon. You've got to grill it."

Basically, just be grateful you're not a world-famous chef the next time you hit Starbucks for a toastie.

Check out both of his interactions in the video below.

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