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Date: 2017-09-29
Portfolio, Stocks, Alpha Inc. , Yahoo Finance, Google, Google Finance, Newsfeeds, Finance,News,

Portfolio, Stocks, Alpha Inc. , Yahoo Finance, Google, Google Finance, Newsfeeds, Finance,News,

Portfolio, Stocks, Alpha Inc. , Yahoo Finance, Google, Google Finance, Newsfeeds, Finance,News,

Alpha Inc. has informed users of its Google Finance product last week that the core of the offering, the portfolio feature, will soon disappear as the stocks-focused product undergoes a transformation that bundles it into Google's dominant search offering. 

The November move will mark the first major change to a languishing product that has existed since 2006 but hasn't seen an overhaul in more than eight years. To replace the outgoing features, Google said that it plans to migrate users' portfolios to Google's search product, which will aim to analyze user's interests and provide a report for users. 

“As part of this updated experience, you’ll still be able to follow the stocks you’re interested in and receive the latest industry news and market trends, but the Portfolios feature will no longer be available as part of the service,” a Google spokeswoman wrote in an emailed statement.

Google Finance portfolios, similar to rival finance-focused products like Yahoo Finance, allow users to track the number of investments over time, including profit or loss calculations based on the purchase price of a security, and to create data visualization based on the information. Google has given their users the option to download their portfolios in CSV or OFX format before the mid-November changes. 

It is still not clear what – if any additional features Google plans to change – or what the Google Finance site will look like after the overhaul is completed. However, a spokeswoman confirmed that the Google Finance site will remain (in some form). But she did decline to make an executive available to discuss the changes in greater detail. 

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