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Date: 2018-08-24

Hurricane Lane Pours Down On Hawaii 2

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Hurricane Lane Pours Down On Hawaii 6

Hurrican Lane, the first hurricane since 1992, pours down in Hawaii, which is now in a state of emergency.

The big island is still seeing volcanic eruptions, however, those eruptions have died down as water rises, residents can't seem to catch a break.

The last hurricane to hit Hawaii was hurricane Inkiki, which directly hit the islands and caused $3 billion in damages, thankfully Hawaii won't be seeing a direct hit from hurricane Lane but they are still going to feel the brunt of this category 4 storm. "I think it's going to be bad, to the effect us locals have never experienced before," said Kendall Bisarra, a Maui resident. All residents have prepared their homes with sandbags, wooden boards across their windows and stocked up on gas and food.

One Hilo neighborhood has already become a lake, trapping at least a few people before help could arrive. More than 19 inches of rain has fallen in a 24hr period and forecasters warn the worst is yet to come.

"Lane, while it has been downgraded, is wide and very moist. And it's going to hang around for a while as it moves because it is moving slowly," Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said. "And that is why we are taking so much precaution here."

Residents have took to social media to see the effects of heavy rain in their area:


Hurricane Lane Flooding In Hilo ! EDIT: the people in this video are locals and they know what they are doing. If you are from Hilo you know. If not, you don’t. Please realize these people know exactly what they are doing and they were standing at a safe distance. I do not appreciate people coming onto this feed and speaking about them negatively without actually having been there or living here. The zoom in a camera makes it look like they are closer than they are and trust me they are in a safe place. Kamaaina Kuleana. I take my son here as well. Do not insult people you don’t know in places you haven’t been to. It’s the same when somebody takes a picture of somebody standing on the beach in front of pipeline and it makes it look like the wave is going to land on top of them but they are actually very far away. Please do not make insulting or negative comments on this feed. This is Hilo style. You grew up here, you know the river you respect it. Now let’s do the same for each other: Respect! Mahalo #hurricanelane

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