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A helicopter with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi onboard is missing. State media has reported that the convoy was forced to make a hard landing after it got into difficulties.

Raisi was on his way to the city of Rabriz in the northwest area of Iran as part of a convoy consisting of three helicopters.

According to Iran’s interior ministry, rescuers are struggling to reach the site and have been unable to do so because of poor weather conditions. The exact location of the helicopter is yet to be confirmed.

The Iranian interior minister said that the other two helicopters in the convoy has confirmed that they had landed safely.

The BBC reports that a reporter with the Fars news agency says visibility in the mountainous and wooded area was down to only about five meters. The area is about 50 kilometres to the north of Tabriz.

President Raisi was elected as president of Iran in June 2021 after his second attempt.

No other details have been released yet as the whereabouts of the helicopter are still unclear.

Image credit: NewsNation

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