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Recently, Kylie Jenner's feet has been the topic of the day. This came after Kylie's toe was on clear display in one of the many bathing suit pics she and Kendall posted to Instagram. 

Fans were fascinated by one particular toe and started pointing out that the two sisters' toes looked weird. Following the criticism, the makeup mogul released a series of videos on Instagram to address the state of her feet after people apparently criticized her short middle toe. 

Kylie posted a zoomed-in shot of her short toe to her Instagram Stories to explain. In what she called a "weird ass video", she revealed why her toe is noticeably different from the rest.

In the video of her feet, the youngest sister went on to explain: "Ok, so everyone wants to come for my f/*cking toes. By the way, I have cute ass feet. I broke this middle toe in middle school. There's nothing you can do for a broken toe, so I just had to let it heal how it wanted to heal."

Kylie then demonstrates by showing fans that when she flexes her left foot, all her toes stay in line, but when she does the same with her right foot, her middle toes is "out of place".

However, before posting her explanatory videos, she first addressed the toe-haters in her comments. She wrote, "I broke that toe when I was in middle school and it never healed right leave our toes alone they did nothing to you!!!!!!!!"

The sister did not only defend her own toes in her series of videos but also called out how Kendall's toes look in the same photo that sparked the outrage. Kendall seems to have the opposite problem to Kylie. Pointing out Kendall's long, gecko-like toes, Kylie wrote, "I'm sorry but wutttt".

Even though we might think Kylie would be all about toe acceptance, it seems like she still has a long way to go.

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