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Fans of Love Island UK will remember Chris Taylor from Season 5 in 2019. Although the star was in shape, he was nowhere near as buff as other islanders. Well, recently, he took to social media to wow fans with an incredible body transformation. But, it's not all that it seems.

Chris Taylor has a great sense of humour. No more apparent than in a post that had fans gawk in amazement. You see, he uploaded a body transformation "before and after" image that stunned everyone. The "before" image is of Chris in shorts, with his belly pushed out and a frown on his face. In the "after" pic, he's ripped, with oiled-up muscles bulging.

It turns out it's a fake, a prank to mock celebs who inspire their fans with impossible weight loss routines. The "after" image is an impressive Photoshop job of Chris' head on his pal, Michael Griffiths' spectacular body.

His hilarious post shared the "secrets" to his brand new look.

"Summer body... Want these results in 2 weeks? Read on," Chris said.

"I get up every day at 11pm the night before & skip until 3am wearing only a bin bag and a banana hammock to support my ballbag. After that, I have my first and last meal of the day, 20,000 grams of ostrich meat, 68 eggs & a 4-week-old apple.
"Then, I hit the gym. 3 hours of solid lifting, all whilst Chuck Norris screams motivational haiku's at me. Then back home, 400 grams of straight-up protein powder straight (no milk, no water).
"To level my mood I sing to a Venezuelan Cactus for 40 minutes followed by an hour of punching bricks in my garden. After another six 3-hour sessions of sheer lifting, I retire for the evening at around 10pm, where David Goggins sings me to sleep with lullabies he created using only power phrases & potent affirmations.
"If you'd like to join my program, prices start from 250k per month. Bargain init. See you at the winners table."

It didn't take long for some of his 1.1 million Instagram followers to spot the fake, realising the body belongs to his fellow Islander and friend, Griffiths.

At first, Chris jokingly refused to admit to the manipulated photo, saying he was "upset" at the accusations, claiming he "worked really hard" on his new body.

Eventually, though, to quieten the "haters", he confessed to the prank, saying he still looks "like a piece of celery". His friend, Griffiths, responded to the post by saying, "I told you mate, the results will show if you follow my plan, now it's time to write up that book".

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