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French police have arrested a 36-year-old man after he smeared the glass screen containing the Mona Lisa in The Louvre Museum, the largest museum in the world.

The incident took place on Sunday and the man, dressed in all white, has since been placed in psychiatric care.

The Guardian reports that the work by Leonardo da Vinci, which has been the target of vandalism attempts in the past, was unharmed thanks to its bulletproof glass case.

It’s been behind glass since a Bolivian man threw a rock at the painting in December 1956, damaging her left elbow.

The Guardian goes on to report that in 2005 it was placed in a reinforced case that also controls temperature and humidity.

The case was scratched when a Russian woman threw an empty teacup at the painting in 2009.

No images have surfaced of the actual incident, only videos of security officials in the famous Paris museum cleaning the glass encasing.

In a video shared on social media platforms, a man speaking French can be heard saying “There are people who are destroying the earth… All artists, think about the earth. That’s why I did this. Think of the planet.”

Image credit: CGTN

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