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After almost 20 years, comedian Ellen DeGeneres hosted the final episode of her talk show.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show reached almost 3 000 episodes and was a favourite among celebrities and the public for many years.

During the final episode, Ellen looked back on the last nineteen years.

“When we started this show in 2003, the iPhone didn’t exist. Social media didn’t exist. Gay marriage wasn’t legal. We watched the world change – sometimes for the better, sometimes not.”

While the show was known for being lighthearted and fun, serious allegations about the working environment put the show and its host in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Former employees came forward and shared their experience of working in the show’s ‘toxic work environment’.  It’s in stark contrast to the host’s on-screen persona and her motto “be kind” that she always said when saying goodbye at the end of a show.

DeGeneres has been hailed as a gay icon for years since she came out in 1997. The comedian’s on-screen character in her sitcom Ellen came out at the same time that she did during an interview with Time magazine.

DeGeneres is known for being friends with several of the celebrities that she’s hosted on her talk show before.

Actress Jennifer Aniston was her very first guest on the show and also made an appearance during her final episode.

Image credit: Sky News

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