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A bottle of Scotch whiskey, known as the world’s largest whiskey, has sold for a whopping $1.375 million.

The bottle, sold at auction by the auction house Lyon and Turnbull, is a single-malt whiskey that was distilled at The Macallan in Speyside, Scotland back in 1989.

In 2021, the bottle was filled and was immediately recognised by Guinness World Records as the largest bottle of whiskey in the world.

CBS reports that the bottle, called the Intrepid, contains 444 standard bottles worth of whiskey.

The Intrepid was launched by Daniel Monk in memory of his father Captain Stanely Monk. The bottle was auctioned on the day of what would have been Monk’s dad’s 80th birthday.

According to the auction house, the bottle was inspired by Monk’s dad’s passion for adventure, exploration and a desire to help raise money for several charities.

Jon Land, the director of operations Rosewin Holdings, the company responsible for the bottling, shared the company’s excitement with CBS news.

“We are all delighted with this result. Over the past two and a half years, this giant bottle and everything it stands for have allowed us to gain exposure for exploration, following dreams, and general positivity in a challenging global climate. Thanks especially go to the 11 explorers, and we hope they have benefitted from being part of this bonkers project.”

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