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Fashion house Reformation has announced that Monica Lewinsky has been chosen to lead its latest voting campaign.

In partnership with Vote.org, the “You’ve Got The Power” campaign was launched.

Lewinsky became a household name after she had an affair with United States President Bill Clinton in the 90s. At the time, she was a 22-year-old employee at the White House and worked as an intern.

Clinton was 27 years older than her when they had the affair. At first, he denied it in public, but later he admitted to having “inappropriate intimate physical contact” with Lewinsky. Clinton survived an impeachment vote after he admitted that he lied about the affair.

She was mainly hidden from the public eye since then but reinvented herself and started working on anti-cyberbullying campaigns. On the trend of bullying via the internet, she refers to herself as “patient zero”.

Now, in this campaign, the 50-year-old says “If you wanna complain for the next four years, you gotta go out and vote.”

Image credit: TED Talks

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