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The streets of Tokyo could soon be filled with Uber Eats deliveries on the way. The difference between these deliveries and others around the world fulfilled by the same food order service? In Tokyo, the deliveries will be done by robots.

It’s all thanks to a partnership between Uber Eats, the robotics firm Cartken and Mitsubishi Electric. The food will be delivered by Cartken’s Model C robots as they navigate the sidewalks of the Japanese city.

The operations will be supervised by Mitsubishi Electric.

Starting in March, Japan will be the first country in the world to have autonomous delivery available on the Uber Eats app.

Shoji Tanaka from the development division at Mitsubishi Electric said they hope robots will be able to combat the logistics issue faced by the city.

“We hope that this newly announced initiative will serve as a catalyst for the spread of robot delivery services in Japan. In the future, we will work with buildings and factory infrastructure, which is one of our strengths, so autonomous robots will be able to deliver inside various facilities.”

The ageing population and the shrinking workforce have put a lot of strain on the country’s logistics infrastructure.

Image credit: CNN

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