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With an increase in spatial traffic comes the problem of more space trash falling from the sky.

The North American Space Agency (NASA) is being sued by a family in the state of Florida after debris fell from space and right through the roof of their home.

The object weighed only 700 grams but due to the high speed it was travelling, it made a hole in the roof when it fell down.

It’s been confirmed by NASA that it was part of a cargo pallet of used batteries that was released from the International Space Station as waste back in 2021. Debris usually fully disintegrates before it reaches Earth, this time though a section remained intact when it re-entered the atmosphere.

The family is claiming about R1.44 million in damages from the space agency.

The homeowner’s son was at home when the debris fell through the roof. The family’s lawyer said that even though no one was injured, there was still damage to the roof and it could’ve turned out really bad.

Image credit: KSL News

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