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Despite extreme cold weather conditions, more than 100 people turned up to protest the 2026 Winter Olympic Games to be held in Milan.

The protest took place outside the construction of the Olympic Village. Many people are against the location of the Winter Games, including the Unsustainable Olympic Committee who organised the march.

The Committee believes that the building of the village and the bobsled track in Cortina are ruining the area. It’s been reported that hundreds of trees have been cut down to make space for the track.

The bobsled track in Cortina has been the reason for many debates over the last few months as the century-old track that’s currently there will be rebuilt. Those against the idea say that more than 100 million euros of public money will be wasted to rebuild a track for a sport that’s only practised by about 20 people in the entire country.

One of the signs featured at the protest showed the Olympic logo with its five rings. The words “concreting”, “gentrification”, “greenwashing”, “privatisation” and “eviction” were written in the circles.

Later, the five circles were smashed.

Image credit: NBC New York

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