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For South Koreans, it’s not uncommon to have more than one age. They are used to having an international age, a Koran age and a calendar age.

But, the three different dates have been creating problems over the years and that’s why the country’s parliament has decided that only one age is to be followed.

Starting from June 2023, all South Koreans will be required to use the standard international age when asked what their age is. This was decided after a new law was passed on Thursday.

The long-running debate over what age to use on official documents has forced the country to get aligned with the rest of the world.

CNN reports that in South Korea, a person’s international age refers to the number of years since they were born, and starts at zero – the same system sued in most other countries.

But, it has been made clear by South Koreans that while they find themselves in informal settings, they will give their Korean age and not their international age. This will mean most people will be a year or even two years younger than what they actually are.

Image credit: All K Pop



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