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The United Kingdom has been covered by a blanket of snow. On Monday, schools were shut, flights were grounded, and traffic was chaos.

Although most parts of the UK are known for getting snow during the winter, snow in London itself is rare.

The UK Met Office record its coldest day of the year during the early hours of Monday. Temperatures were as low as -15.7 degrees Celsius in parts of northern Scotland.

Severe weather warnings were issued for some parts of the UK. The severe snowstorms meant that motorists were urged to avoid driving in several locations, with some even forced to abandon their cars and head for safety.

All three major airports in England were closed. Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted announced their closures when the snow started to fall.

Along with the beauty of snow, many households are worried that they won’t be able to heat their houses.

The BBC reports the National Grid, which manages much of the UK’s energy supply infrastructure, has instructed two coal-fuelled power stations to start warming up, in case the cold weather threatens the country’s power network.

More snow is expected to fall in the coming weeks with icy weather and strong winds forecasted.

Image credit: YouTube

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