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Date: 2017-11-29
Kim Jong-Un,Pyongyang,War,Nuclear weapons ,United States,North Korea,Politics,News,Newsfeeds24,Newsfeeds24.com,

Kim Jong-Un,Pyongyang,War,Nuclear weapons ,United States,North Korea,Politics,News,Newsfeeds24,Newsfeeds24.com,

Kim Jong-Un,Pyongyang,War,Nuclear weapons ,United States,North Korea,Politics,News,Newsfeeds24,Newsfeeds24.com,

The state of Pyongyang has successfully tested a nuclear ballistic missile that North Korea claims to be able to reach anywhere in the US – which gives Pyongyang its nuclear state status. The missile was launched into the air during the dark hours of the early morning, landing in Japan's waters. 

The rocket is called the Hwasong-15 Missile and is claimed to be one of the most powerful weapons North Korea has tested, it flew for 950 km in 53 minutes and reached an altitude of 4 475km. It was reported that Kim Jong-Un authorised the launch of the missile. Despite the creation and testing of such a powerful weapon, North Korea claims to be responsible regarding it's nuclear weapons and is a peaceful state that puts the stability and peace of the world as its number one priority. North Korea claims that the missile was only created as a defence against "the US and their nuclear weapon blackmail". They aim to cause no harm to the US unless North Korea was infringed upon. 

Although the creation of this nuclear missile is not an immediate worry, the increasing friction between the US and North Korea does create concerns as to whether this conflict will turn into action. Launching a missile to attack the US would cause a full-scale war, however, this is in neither party's interest.

The testing of this missile has sent American scientists into a panic and they have done some calculations on the exact damage that the missile could cause. The scientists claim, that while the missile would indeed be able to reach any part of the US, it would have to be light to travel such distances by having a light warhead attached and, therefore, wouldn't carry enough nuclear payload to wipe out any of the states. 

The UN has demanded an emergency conference to discuss Pyongyang's latest tests, which happen to be among six nuclear tests this year, including the testing of a ballistic missile over Japan that occurred just recently. The rate at which North Korea is advancing it's nuclear and missile program is concerning, meaning that the peaceful balance of the world is crucial in the face of these weapons. 

Out of the five declared nuclear weapon states, North Korea is the only state that seeks to make a direct attack on the US. The concern at this stage is ensuring that the development of such weapons does not get out of hand.

The video below shows just one of six of the nuclear missile launches this year.

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