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An Irish woman travelled to Turkey on a five-star trip when her luggage got lost along the way.

Upon arrival at the Liberty Fabay resort in Dalaman, the airline informed Sian Armour that her luggage is lost. A representative from the airline sent her to a market and asked her not to spend more than 100 pounds as her luggage would soon show up.

Armour and her family were booked at the resort for two weeks. At the market, she bought what she could find with the little money she got. With limited options, the scientist had to buy kids’ clothes.

“There were no shoes my size so I had to wear flip-flops and jelly shoes that were both two sizes too small. I ended up buying kids’ clothes in order to find things that fitted. It was so embarrassing going for dinner each night in a five-star resort when all the ladies were wearing dresses and heels and I had a vest and flip-flops on, it was absolutely terrible.”

The 42-year-old’s suitcase never arrived and even months after the trip she was still contacting Jet2.com hoping her suitcase will be found.

She contacted the airline every day since her suitcase was lost and even tweeted the CEO hoping it would help her situation. Armour told the BBC she was shocked when her suitcase arrived five months later.

“I had given up on my luggage so when it appeared on my doorstep I was in disbelief.”

The airline compensated her for the items she had to buy in Turkey.

Image credit: BBC

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