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Centurion has been faced with 48 sinkholes and they all still need to be prepared by the City of Tshwane.

The city is known for sinkhole warnings because it lies on a dolomite rock known for dissolving overtime when exposed to rain and stormwater. Once dolomite start dissolving, it causes sinkholes to form.

The sinkholes have destroyed both municipality and privately owned property. The latest sinkhole to form happened a week ago when parts of two homes were swallowed.

Katlego Mathebe, the MMC for Tshwane Roads and Transport said the sinkholes are investigated individually.

“Each sinkhole is allocated values based on the extent of the factors, the total of which makes up a final value.”

She said because of this, repairs to the sinkholes take long to complete.

“The sinkholes are subsequently ranked in order of the highest value and the highest priority to repair to the lowest value and the lowest priority to repair.”

Image credit: Berea Mail

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