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A pilot project has been launched in Italy where drunk people will be given a free taxi ride home.

This was announced by Matteo Salvini, the country’s transport minister. He wrote on X: “Free taxis at the end of the night for those who have drunk too much.”

The initiative is part of the Italian government’s plan to curb the culture of drunk people causing accidents on the country’s roads.

The minister said it’s a “practical initiative aimed at preventing danger and tragedy on the roads”.

“To stop the slaughter on the roads, we need to involve everyone in a plan of prevention.”

The area covered stretches from Puglia to Tuscany. Those who exit clubs and appear too drunk to drive will be asked to give an alcohol test. If their blood alcohol count is above the limit, they will be allowed to make use of the free taxi service home.

The project’s bill is picked up by the ministry.

Club owners have welcomed the initiative with open arms with one club owner telling the Telegraph that “it’s an intelligent initiative”.

“People come here to have fun, they want to forget their problems for a bit, and maybe they drink too much. The taxis can take them home safely.”

Image credit: The Drinks Business

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