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A woman in the US state of Texas was injured when a hawk and a snake attacked her at the same time.

Peggy Jones was mowing her lawn when the hawk flew over her house and dropped the snake by accident.

In an attempt to reclaim its meal, the hawk started to attack her by sinking its talons into her flesh. At the same time, the snake wrapped itself around her arm and began striking her face.

The 64-year-old told the BBC that before she could remove the snake, the hawk started attacking her for a second time.

“As I was trying to sling my arm and sling the snake off, the snake wrapped around my arm. The snake was striking in my face, it struck my glasses a couple of times.”

She said the snake wouldn’t give up. “I was slinging and slinging, he was striking and striking, and he just kept hanging on.”

The hawk eventually managed to remove the snake from Jones’ body after stabbing her in an attempt to get it lose.

After the freak accident, Jones was left with severe scratches deep into the flesh on her arms and face, as well as snake bites. Her husband managed to get her to a hospital in time where she was attended to.

Image credit: PopCrush

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