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A small IT glitch caused a massive problem when the Bank of Ireland’s customers were allowed to withdraw more cash than they had in their bank accounts on Wednesday.

Bank officials has since informed the public that the error has been fixed.

Irish media reports that the bank’s clients were able to take out up to 1,000 Euro over their account balance. It wasn’t long before the news spread like wildfire by social media users. This led to long lines at ATMs across the country.

The glitch not only affected ATMs, but also the bank’s online portal and its digital app.

According to reports, even customers with no money in their accounts and those with a low account balance were able to transfer up to 1,000 Euro into a linked account on specific banking apps, then use those bank cards to withdraw the money.

To ensure chaos didn’t erupt, police officers were deployed in some parts of the country.

The Bank of Ireland warned those that took advantage of the glitch that the transactions would be debited from their accounts and that it could affect their debit ratings.

Image credit: BBC

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