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Two US tourists were found between the second and third floors of the Eiffel Tower early Monday morning.

The two, found in a spot usually closed to the public, “did not pose any apparent threat” according to the tower’s operator.

The pair were woken up when the tower’s security guards were doing their usual early morning checks. It’s believed that the tourists managed to dodge the previous night’s security team in order to stay there overnight.

AFP reports that Paris prosecutors said the pair appear to have got stuck because of how drunk they were after they bought tickets for entry at approximately 22:40 on Sunday night. They then jumped over security barriers while they were making their way down from the top of the tower.

Sky News reports that firefighters, including a specialist unit for recovering people from dangerous heights, were sent to bring down the two.

The prosecutors said they will be filing a criminal complaint after the two men were taken to a Paris police station for questioning.

Image credit: Daily Sabah

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