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While on a fishing trip with her family, Tampa mayor Jane Castor found bricks of cocaine estimated to be worth around $1.1 million. Tampa is a city located in the US state of Florida.

Castor is not an unknown in city as she served as Tampa’s police chief previously.

She told local news agency WTSP that she suspects the drug bale have been floating in the water for a while already when she found it.

“You know my family was concerned, like, ‘Oh my gosh, what if they think it’s ours,’” Castor joked.

“I’m like, come on. So, we pulled it up and then as soon as we were in cellphone range just to call and notify them.”

At the end of July, the news was confirmed in a tweet by the US Border Patrol’s Miami Sector.

“The drugs have an estimated street value of approx. $1.1 million dollars.”

Castor went on to say that it was actually her brother who spotted the drugs while fishing.

“My younger brother saw some debris in the water, and so we went over there because, quite often, if you fish, the smaller fish will go under any kind of share they can get. The closer we got and once I saw the rip in it and see the tightly wrapped packages, I was life definitely that’s a bale of cocaine.”

Image credit: WAVE3

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