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Canadian singer Michael Buble teamed up with US rock band the Foo Fighters to participate in a longstanding joke between the two singers.

At a recent concert in San Francisco, Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl asked the audience if they know the words to Buble’s popular song Haven’t Met You Yet.

He did this while he was introducing Josh Freese to the crowd. Freese has played with a number of well-known artists including Buble and he’s now performing with the Foo Fighters after the death of their former guitarist Taylor Hawkins.

Grohl told the crowd: “The last couple shows, I always look out (into the crowd) – someone’s like “I know the Buble song,” “I’ll come up and sing,” “I know the Buble song,”.

“And every time someone f&(^ing says they know the song, they don’t.”

He then asked the audience if they knew the song before identifying a man in the audience holding a sign that says I (heart) Buble. It was, of course, Buble himself.

The Foo Fighters frontman then called Buble up to the stage saying “Hold on a second – got a superfan. This motherfu^*%er better know the song”.

That’s when Buble stepped on stage and belted out his own song to the crowd’s surprise.

CNN reports they finished the song before Grohl finally introduced Buble and explained the effort the Canadian crooner had made to be there, flying in from Argentina on the same day to make it to the concert.

Image credit: Los Angeles Times

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