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A 74-year-old man was crushed to death after thousands of cheese wheels fell on him. The Grana Padona wheels is a hard cheese resembling Parmesan and it’s a very popular cheese in Italy.

Giacomo Chiapparini was working in the cheese factory located in Romano di Lombardia, about 50 kilometres east of the city of Milan, when a shelf broke.

It’s estimated that the wheels weigh about 40 kilograms each and some of them fell 10 metres, creating a domino effect.

After the accident, firefighter Antonion Dusi told AFP it took 12 hours to find Chiapparini’s body.The victi was described as “very supportive… and generous” by a neighbour.

A local resident said the collapse sounded “like thunder” and the economic damage has been estimated at R145 million.

Image credit: The Citizen

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