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It could be a case of bad timing, or it could be perfect timing, but the announcement of El Al Airlines cancelling its direct flights to Johannesburg has had quite an impact.

The announcement that the twice-weekly flight between Tel Aviv and Johannesburg will be suspended at the end of March, came just hours before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered its judgement.

South Africa recently accused Israel of committing genocide on Palestinians at the ICJ.

The news was announced in a statement released by the airlines.

“Due to the current security situation, there has been a significant decrease in demand among Israeli travellers to various destinations, including Johannesburg in South Africa. In light of this, starting at the end of March 2024, we will suspend the activity on the Johannesburg-Tel Aviv line, to adapt the target range to demands.”

In the landmark case, there was no clear winner between South Africa and Israel although both countries welcomed the ICJ’s ruling.

The decision by El Al means there are no direct flights between South Africa and Israel anymore and those wishing to fly between the two countries will have to make use of other airlines and include a stopover.

Image credit: The Citizen

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