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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian, recently defended her 7-year-old daughter, North, from haters. After Kim shared a photo on Instagram of a painting, a landscape painted by her daughter, fans struggled to believe that the 7-year-old was capable of creating it herself. 

The painting was of such good quality that it has been compared to the work of the famous painter, Bob Ross. Numerous people took to social media to question whether North was responsible for painting the mountain and lake scene.

"THERE IS NO WAY A SEVEN YEAR OLD PAINTED THIS," one person wrote on Twitter, while another added, "Please tell me I'm not the only one skeptical of the North West/Bob Ross painting."

Kim, however, defended her daughter and snapped back. She took to Instagram and posted on her story to shut the haters up. 

"DON'T PLAY WITH ME WHEN IT COMES TO MY CHILDREN!!! My daughter and her best friend have been taking a serious oil painting class where their talents and creativity are being encouraged and nurtured. North worked incredibly hard on her painting which took several weeks to complete. As a proud mum, I wanted to share her work with everyone.

"I'm seeing op-e pieces in the media and social media from grown adults breaking down whether or not my child actually painted this! How dare you see children doing awesome things and then try to accuse them of NOT being awesome!?!?! Please stop embarrassing yourself with the negativity and allow every child to be GREAT!!! NORTH WEST PAINTED THAT PERIOD."

Another sceptical fan added, "Kim Kardashian's child did not paint this. You can even see the photo shop signature. And, even if you didn't, it's Kim K, so you have to take everything she says with a heavy spoonful of salt."

Several online critics even questioned North's signature in the corner of the painting, claiming it is fake.

One person added; "When you zoom in you can see the border on the transparent "North =)," while another observed, "Why does it look like that when u zoom in.... hmmm…"

Not everyone shared their disbelief and leapt to her defence. This included Kim's BFF, Tracy Romulus, and the daughter of the woman who taught North how to paint the artwork.  

People also declared the painting was definitely within the skill range of a seven-year-old.

Camryn Frederickson took to TikTok to say her mother was the art teacher that actually taught North. She added that she was taught how to paint the same scene when she was also seven years old.

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