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A painting by the world-famous Austrian artist Gustav Klimt was recently discovered in Austria after being lost for decades.

The painting, titled Portrait of Fraulein Lieser, was last seen in Vienna in the mid-1920s. For decades, it was rumoured that the painting might have been destroyed.

The only proof of it was a black and white photo from 1925 while it formed part of an exhibition at the Austrian National Library. Now, the artwork will go on auction again. This time, at the Austrian auction house in Kinsky.

The deal between the auction house and the current owner was tricky as the current owner couldn’t provide proof of purchase and the auction house couldn’t prove that it was stolen.

The Washington Post reports that the current owner and the auction house reached an agreement based on the Washington Principles, a set of guidelines for identifying and restoring artwork confiscated by the Nazis to their rightful owners.

In a statement, the auction house shared their excitement.

“The rediscovery of this portrait, one of the most beautiful of Klimt’s last creative period, is a sensation.”

Before it goes on auction, the painting will be presented in the UK, Hong Kong, Britain, Germany and Switzerland.

The auction will take place on 24 April.

Image credit: The Independent

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