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It was supposed to be a regular culture day at her daughter's school but soon turned into something else. The mother of five-year-old Madeline, Sharlie Darling, was forced to explain herself after sending her girl to school in a controversial outfit. Apparently, Sharlie dressed Madeline up as a "basic white b*tch" for her culture day.

Sharlie, from Orlando, Florida, was called by a concerned teacher about her daughter's "white culture" outfit. The five-year-old was dressed in a pair of Ugg boots, leggings, and a scarf, complemented with an empty Starbucks cup. The 33-year-old mother, who struggled to think of any "dominant historical culture" in her family, initially told Madeline that she was going to school dressed as her mother.

After answering the call from the school, Sharlie was asked why the youngster wouldn't relinquish the coffee cup, even after they tried to confiscate it. 

Sharlie claims the teachers didn't understand the underlying joke that "white girls stereotypically like Starbucks and dress like that", but added that at least "it went over really well with the younger teachers".

"I told her to say that she was dressed like mommy for the day. I wasn't going to go out and buy her a costume. What was I expected to do? Go out, buy her a gown, and call her the Queen of England? She's already dramatic, I don't need to put that on her too."

Sharlie shared the "lazy" costume design on TikTok in April, where many praised her for not appropriating other cultures. Some even pointed out how on point her costume design was regarding the stereotype. One user, Valery Rachel, commented: "The Uggs, the Starbucks, the messy bun, the scarf, the striped tee. You didn't miss." A teacher, Diamond Garey, also commented: "As a teacher, she would have gotten an A for the day." 

Mikel Matthews Jr, another teacher, added: "As a teacher, this would have disrupted my class because I'd have been gut laughing the entire day about it."

However, not all the 14-million viewers who saw the video saw the funny side. Some haters commented "world's worst parent" and a "race hater" on the video.

One viewer also pointed out: "I mean, for the past 50 years, we've had 'melting pot' shoved down our throats. White people did have culture before other white people burned it up."

Sharlie concluded that the reaction was "hit and miss," however, she still stands by her decision. "My surname is Darling, so I thought I could do something related to Peter Pan? But, aside from that, there aren't really any dominant historical cultures in my family, except for American culture. So I just figured I'd dress her up like me. And I happen to be a basic b*tch. That's the culture she's being raised in – coffee, leggings and Starbucks."

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