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Two climate activists have thrown soup at the famous Mona Lisa painting inside the Louvre in Paris.

Footage obtained from the art gallery and distributed to the media shows two activists throwing red soup at the Leonardo da Vinci painting. The two women ducked under a security barrier.

Once on the other side of the barrier, the two women can be seen standing close to the painting and shouting “Our farming system is sick”.

The woman could be heard shouting: “What’s the most important thing? Art, or right to healthy and sustainable food?”

Both women wore shirts that said “Riposte Alimentaire”. It refers to a climate group.

The protest comes at the same time as French farmers have been striking for several days now. The protest is against low wages, rising costs and regulations.

Due to a glass display box covering the famous painting, the soup was unable to destroy it.

Sky News reports that angry French farmers have been using their tractors for days to set up blockades and slow traffic across the country as they protest for better pay for their produce.

Image credit: CNN

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