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Four women are now running the world’s most remote post office located on Antarctica’s Goudier Island.

The four women, Clare Ballantyne, Lucy Bruzzone, Mairi Hilton and Natalie Corbett are all living on the remote island until their five-month stint is over.

Every year, thousands of people apply to be part of the team to help run the post office, gift shop and museum along with monitoring wildlife.

The four women travelled from the UK by plane and then boat to arrive at the island. Upon arrival, their home at the Port Lockroy scientific base was covered under four metres of snow. Luckily, Britain’s Royal Navy was on hand to help dig them out.

The island, located on the western side of the Antarctic peninsula, is about the size of a standard soccer field. It’s home to four women and thousands of penguins.

Explorers and scientists often visit the island to gather information or perform tests. Lately, tourists can also be added to the list of visitors to the island.

CNN reports that in the 2022/23 season, nearly 16,000 visitors from more than 200 ships passed through, making this one of the busiest places in the frozen continent.

Image credit: Victron Energy

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