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Two pistols that once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte have sold at auction for a whopping R32.4 million.

The weapons, inlaid with silver and gold, were expected to reach around R28 million. The pistols also feature an engraved image of Napoleon himself in profile.

The venue of the auction was quite ironic as it was held at Osenat Auction House, right next to the Fontainebleau Palace where the French emperor tried to take his own life with one of the pistols.

Napoleon lost his power on the night of 12 April 1814 when his army was defeated by foreign forces. He then wanted to commit suicide by shooting himself, but his grand acquirer prevented it by removing the powder from the pistols.

The exporting of the weapons was recently banned by France’s culture ministry after they were classified as national treasures.

This means the pistols can leave the country only temporarily and that the French government has 30 months to make an offer to buy the pistols from the new owner. The new owner hasn’t been made public.

Along with the pistols, there were also other accessories included in the original box. They are a powder horn and various powder tamping rods.

Image credit: Sky News

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